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The Story behind the Cafe


It all started with the vision of a small hole-in-wall diner that catered to people who "live here and work in the area". In the summer of 1973, the original burger joint, Danny's, closed its doors and paved the way for what would develop into the next neighborhood spot. In time, Rockridge Cafe expanded from being a restaurant only for locals of North Oakland, to being recognized throughout the Bay Area as a place where great food came at a reasonable price.

Anyone hanging around the Rockridge District in the early 70s might remember the old Cafe that served breakfast from 8:30 am to 11:30 in the afternoon. The entire place seated less than 25 people, in addition to 7 counter stools that peered into an open kitchen. Murals of the Napa Valley and Mt. St. Helena, painted in 1938 by an aspiring art student in exchange for food, highlighted the serenity of California's beauty.

Today, the "Rock" continues the tradition of tasty food from breakfast to burgers at the same place it opened its doors nearly 40years ago.

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